What to Drink in Rome & When to Blend in with the Locals

One of our top Rome travel tips: don't miss aperitivo time!

When staying in Rome, it’s important to know your Campari from your Crodino—and that’s where our guide to what to drink in Rome comes in! In Rome, drinks are an important and integral part of our food culture. Just as we don’t have a meal without drinking, we rarely drink without eating. For everything, there […]

The 6 Best Bars in Rome for Any Night of the Week

Interior of Photo Credit VyTA Enoteca Regionale del Lazio

First things first: the word bar means something slightly different in Italy. You are going to see signs all over town that say Bar. You absolutely can get a glass of wine or a spritz in a bar, but they serve a slightly different function. The Italian bar is more cafe than tavern and they […]

5 Rooftop Bars in Rome That Locals Love

Sunset View from Zuma rooftop Rome, Italy

Who doesn’t love a drink with a view? Rome is astonishingly beautiful. Pretty much everywhere you look. There are no skyscrapers here so when you do get above street level the view is almost always expansive. On clear days you can see as far as the distant mountain ranges. Here are our favorite 5 rooftop […]