The 5 Christmas Markets in Rome You Need to Visit in 2019

Christmas market in Piazza Navona in Rome

Christmas is a fabulous time of year to be in Rome.  The streets of the historic center are beautifully decorated, the smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air and holiday gift giving is in full swing. Giant Christmas trees fill the piazzas (one of the most anticipated being the Netflix-sponsored tree in Piazza Venezia). And […]

Behind the Bite: Artichokes in Rome

Artichokes in Rome are a favorite product at the local market.

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series: deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. When it comes to eating artichokes in Italy, all roads, as ever, lead to Rome. Artichokes, carciofi in Italian, are omnipresent in Rome. You see them bundled up in restaurant windows, piled high in […]

What We Would Eat in Rome If We Had Only One Day

If you're not sure what to eat in Rome: we've got three words for you: cacio e pepe.

There’s a lifetime of meals to be eaten in Rome. But sometimes, you’ve only got one day. Rome is Italy’s biggest city, and there are literally thousands of great restaurants, bars, pizzerias, gelato shops and bakeries that we could recommend if you’re wondering what to eat in Rome. The good thing, though, is that Rome […]

Rome Market Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know

One of the top tips in our Rome market guide: don't touch the produce!

Rome’s food markets are more than just a great photo-op. You now can weave yourself into this essential part of daily life with our Rome market survival guide. Supermarkets are easy to find in Rome now, but as recently as 10 years ago that was not the case. People did their shopping at local neighborhood […]

10 Ways to Know You’re Completely Obsessed with Rome

Practice responsible travel in Rome to help preserve the city's history.

Roma. Caput Mundi. Romanitas. Modern day Romanitas requires and reflects the same kind of virtues that Romans valued a few thousand years ago, and we’re guessing you’ve made them a part of your life, too. You probably find yourself having to explain to your less Rome-obsessed pals what it means to be Roman. Things like […]

A Love Letter to Rome: Testaccio Market

One of our favorite spots in this Rome market guide is Testaccio.

This post is part of our Love Letter series: first-person accounts of what we love about Rome. I have lived in Rome for nearly nine years, but I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I step into Testaccio Market. The market is honestly one of the reasons I moved to this […]

The 5 Food Markets in Rome No Trip Would be Complete Without

One of the most popular food markets in Rome can be found at Campo de' Fiori.

Sure… the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Pantheon should definitely be on your to-do list during your Roman holiday. But let’s get real for a second: no trip to Rome is complete without diving into its culinary culture. And essential to that culinary culture are Rome’s food markets. So buckle up and get ready to […]