10 Pasta Dishes to Eat in Rome Before You Die

Eating like a local goes hand in hand with responsible tourism in Rome.

Pasta is the gorgeous yellow ribbon that binds Italian cuisine together, and no trip to Rome would be complete without it. Every region of Italy has at least one traditional pasta dish to its name. And with a range of more than 300 pasta shapes out there, you could eat a different one every day […]

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Rome

If you're obsessed with Rome, you know not to add garlic to your amatriciana.

With pizza, pasta and bread around every corner, you might think that eating gluten free in Rome is impossible—but you’d be wrong! Although traditional Italian cuisine is largely wheat-based, there are many naturally gluten-free ways to eat in Italy. For example, secondo dishes (main courses) usually consist of meat or fish cooked simply. But what […]

Behind the Bite: Roman Offal

Coda alla Vaccinara is a classic Roman dish of oxtails in tomato sauce with celery

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series: deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. Inside the anatomy chart that is a typical Roman menu. Roman food has a few essential characteristics. It’s simple. The main seasonings are black pepper, pecorino and mint. And every part of the animal can […]

Behind the Bite: Roman Pasta

Dining in centri sociali in Rome is a feast for the senses. As far as food goes, it can range from international offerings to Roman classics like carbonara.

There’s something comforting about the dependable, the quotidian, the downright normal. Roman pasta is just that. Amatriciana, carbonara, gricia and cacio e pepe are the main pastas of Rome, and most restaurants have at least two of them on the menu at any given time. They are, by and large, the things Romans love about their food. […]

A Love Letter to Cucina Romana

Purple artichokes from the Roman countryside are a springtime treat.

I have a standard quip with those who come to visit me in Rome: When you’re hungry, there’s nothing quite like Roman food to satisfy that hunger. When you’re full, there’s nothing you’d less like to eat than Roman food. Cucina Romana isn’t for everyone. It’s full of bold, unusual flavors like sheep’s-milk pecorino and bitter […]

7 Unknown Restaurants Where the Locals Eat in Rome

Bucatini all'amatriciana is one of the quintessential Roman pasta dishes you need to try.

As famous as its sights and museums are, Rome is a city of millions of ordinary people, most of whom have a favorite local restaurant “Eating like a local” is a phrase thrown around a lot in travel guides. We’re not going to pretend that after a week in Rome, you’ll feel like you’ve lived […]

Our Favorite Rome Restaurants by Neighborhood: Monti

If you're looking for the best restaurants in Monti, Rome, stop for a moment and admire the scenery. This neighborhood is gorgeous!

Monti is Rome’s first neighborhood and you will find it right next to the Colosseum. Technically it stretches from the Quirinale to the Cealian hills, but when people talk about Monti they usually mean the part in-between via Nazionale and via Cavour. It was a swampy slum filled with bordellos and taverns called the Suburra […]