Our Favorite Rome Restaurants by Neighborhood: Where to Eat in Trastevere

Every night, hungry bar-hoppers stop at Trapizzino in Trastevere for a sandwich and a craft beer

This blog post was originally posted on February 6, 2019 and was updated on October 28, 2020. Trastevere is Rome’s most charming neighborhood, and that’s saying a lot. A bit overrun with tourists and students, yes—but no one who’s walked its winding streets can deny there’s something magical about it. The word Trastevere literally means […]

The Essential Itinerary for a Perfect 3 Days in Rome

The Colosseum is a must during 3 days in Rome.

If you’ve only got 72 hours in Rome, you’ll want to make every second count.  You’re planning a trip to Italy and want to see all the bel paese has to offer. That means you’ll be hopping around from one town to the next to get in as much sightseeing as possible!  While 3 days […]

The Essential Itinerary for a Perfect 5 Days in Rome

A self-guided walking tour in Rome would be incomplete without a wander through Trastevere.

No city in the world merges the ancient with the modern quite like Rome does.  With thousands of years of history under its belt, a whole lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore every cobblestone, church, bridge, garden and ancient palazzo of Italy’s capital. But by spending five days in Rome, you can get a pretty […]

A Love Letter to Cucina Romana

Purple artichokes from the Roman countryside are a springtime treat.

I have a standard quip with those who come to visit me in Rome: When you’re hungry, there’s nothing quite like Roman food to satisfy that hunger. When you’re full, there’s nothing you’d less like to eat than Roman food. Cucina Romana isn’t for everyone. It’s full of bold, unusual flavors like sheep’s-milk pecorino and bitter […]

The 7 Best Bars in Trastevere for Every Kind of Night

Here, a barman at Freni e Frizioni puts the finishing touch on a Martini

Trastevere just might be the most bar-heavy neighborhood in a city whose idea of fun is sitting for hours outside with friends and a bottle of wine Located across the Tiber from the historic center, Trastevere is one of the capitals most popular neighborhoods, due to its beautiful little streets, accessibility via public transportation, and […]

The Pizza Lover’s Guide to Rome

Some of the best pizza in Rome is served "tonda" style.

Not that it’s a competition, but Roman pizza is just as interesting as Neapolitan (and just as good). In Rome, pizza is everywhere. It’s rare to go more than two blocks without the smell of yeast and mozzarella wafting from some storefront. Romans eat pizza for lunch, as an afternoon snack, cut into little pieces […]

5 Street Food Bites in Rome and Where You Have to Try Them

Supplì, a fried rice croquette from Italy.

From ancient artifacts to the new snacks on the block, the Rome street food scene has it all. To misquote the old adage: ‘when in Rome, eat as the Romans do.’ And with street food experiencing a new popularity in the Eternal City, it’s a good place to start. Rome is positively teeming with everything […]